Yoga to Gain Balance

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“Yoga is the practice of silencing the mind.”


Each person has different needs and life requirements as well as weaknesses and strengths. Yoga symbolizes the union of beings as well as the integration of mind, body and spirit. The more you progress in the practice of yoga, the higher the benefits will be obtained as it is the balance. Committing to yourself allows you to develop positive habits and progress in providing holistic wellness.

According to yogic philosophy, ignorance separates the conscience of a man with his true being. Many times, distracting and disturbing thoughts, attitudes and actions of each of us generate conflicts, imbalance and fears. Yoga induces one to experience the rupture with that false reality and to understand that everything is Brahman: pure consciousness. When the spirit evolves, it comes close to recognizing the reality of the world and true happiness. It is what is known as the full realization of being.

Knowledge is the basis of mental solidity. There are diverse yoga teachers who have transcended in the teachings of this life practice through asana, meditation and breathing exercises sharing their experiences, studies and the benefits such as self-control, balance, strengthening, health and well-being.

Once the initiative to practice yoga balances is done, serenity and compassionate love are manifested due to the introspection that is performed in meditation, relaxation asanas and pranayamas. Progressively with practice, consciousness realizes the present moment. Both sides of the body and the brain are regenerating and strengthening.

Sutras To Gain Balance And Mental Strength:

  • Realize that the present moment is here and now.
  • Pay attention to your reality.
  • Trust and surrender without resistance to irrevocable freedom.
  • To thank and celebrate every surprise, advancement, gift, events, learnings.
  • Honour the teacher who manifests in everything.
  • Be free of thoughts, words and action.
  • Evil does not exist in us. We are the flowering of divinity.
  • Celebrate abundance without accumulating.
  • Realize the teachings of the day-to-day.
  • To lower the head before the mastery of the universe.
  • Everything is illuminated

Relaxation Asanas:

  • Sukasana – Easy Pose:

Sitting cross-legged – one foot in front of the other. Let your hands rest on your knees. Pay attention to the straightness of the spine while the eyelids are joined, and the breathing is done subtly. Silence the thoughts by focusing attention on the air that enters and the air that comes out of the nostrils. Relax the face and body experiencing the tranquillity of silence.

  • Savasana – Corpse Pose:

Lying on the floor on your back with your feet slightly apart. Back of the hands rest on the mat. Surrender to deep relaxation by closing eyes and quieting the sensations of the body. Take deep inhalations and release the air slowly, stay in this position for 10 to 15 minutes, relaxing each vertebra, each muscle of the body. Feel the present restoring balance in your being. 

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