Yoga Poses To Improve Your Eyesight

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When it comes to practicing yoga, your eyes are probably one of the last body parts that you would think of getting benefit from yoga. Yoga has significant benefits to our entire body, and some great helpful moves can help improve your sight, strengthen the overall health of your eyes; and these only require you to practice a few simple steps a couple of times a day for optimal results.

Your eyes are just like other muscles in your body and require proper care and the ability to stretch as well as relax. Often, we don’t even consider that we overuse our eyes and don’t allow them enough time to recover from their excess use.




A great time to practice these exercises is when your eyes are feeling fatigued because you have been looking at a screen for too long. The first few exercises require simple movements with your eyes alone.


  • Side To Side

Inhale and look to the left with your eyes. As you exhale, draw a line with your eyes to the right side. Repeat this 10-20 times.


  • Up And Down

Using a line much in the same way as the side to side movement, inhale and draw your eye gaze up and then exhale and bring your gaze down. Repeat 10-20 times.


  • Sideways

Begin with your eyes looking straight ahead, then bring your gaze to the left bottom corners of your eyes. Once you are at this point, you can shift your eyes back and forth between the two corners of your eyes and repeat just as you did in the other exercises.


  • Rotating Your Eyes

Following the pattern of a clock, rotate your eyes, so they first follow clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Repeat as desired.


  • Gaze To Your Nose

Draw the gaze of your eyes down to the tip of your nose so that your vision goes out of focus. Let them rest here for a few seconds before refocussing them. Repeat a few times.


  • Blinking Rapidly And Slowly

First, begin by blinking your eyes rapidly for about ten seconds. Then, close your eyes and keep them shut for another ten seconds. Repeat this process five more times and don’t forget to focus on your breathing.


  • Extra Exercises

Cupping your hands over your eyes to give them rest is a great relaxing treat for your eyes. Begin by rubbing your hands together to warm them up, then cup your hands, one over each eye and hold them there for a minute or two. If you feel the need to repeat this task, warm them up again and hold for another minute.


You can also choose to complete these tasks with your eyes closed, but some may find this more difficult not having something to focus on. When you find that you have been staring at the same focal point for some time at the same distance, focus your eyes for a while at an object at a different distance to give your eyes some exercise.

You can also try what is called focus shifting, which can be done merely with the use of your thumb. You focus on your thumb and move it slowly closer to your face and then slowly away again.

Although these exercises offer great benefits to your eyes, they can also be completed to draw your attention inward and develop a keener sense of body awareness. The next time you find your eyes feeling unfocused, tired, and ready for a nap, try practicing some of these great yoga eye techniques to get yourself back to feeling at your best.

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