The Benefits Top Company Executives Stand to Gain by Doing Yoga

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One of the key components of yoga is meditation. Various results from brain-imagery studies show that meditation has numerous benefits for the human brain. This is why meditation is attracting numerous CEOs and top managers. Considering that there are numerous other pastimes such as golf or massage, why would they choose meditation in yoga instead.

Helps in Stress Management

At one time, Alak Vasa, the founder of Elements Truffles faced a very tough situation at work. At the time, she was working for Goldman Sachs and ITG. By good chance, she had started meditation sessions. So, when everyone else was panicking, she was able to stay calm and offer a solution that helped everyone.

According to the 2010 issue of Psychosomatic Medicine, yoga and meditation help reduce the impact of stressors in the body, thereby reducing the chance of suffering from chronic diseases. It is with this understanding that Jonathan Tag introduced meditation sessions to his staff immediately after 9/11. Jonathan, VASTRM Fashion founder and CEO, noted that everyone in the company was shaken by the terrorist attack. Since he had already learned the benefits of meditation in yoga, he invited a meditation facilitator to guide them through the sessions. Soon, most of the employees joined in. The session helped bring a sense of calm and eased their emotions.


Emotional Anchoring

Managing a large organization may be fulfilling, but it also comes with elevated levels of emotional turmoil. There is a myriad of responsibilities and a host of people who look up to the manager to give guidance. There are often steep goals to achieve and stringent deadlines to meet. Without a way of managing one’s emotions, the job can feel overwhelming.

In a study published in a 2012 publication of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, researchers found that those who participated in yoga were more calm, peaceful, and upbeat. This was in comparison to another group that was selected from the same environment.


Better Health

The one aspect that every CEO cannot do without is being in good health. With all the challenges that they face every day, having poor health can be a major detriment to the performance of an organization. Attending a class of yoga and participating in meditation can go a long way in reducing the amount of stress one handles in a day. Reducing the levels of stress in the body will help keep allergies, anxiety disorders, and all other stress related diseases at bay.


Boosting Emotional Intelligence

Business executives and top manager stand to gain a lot from anything that can help boost their intelligence. Management positions entail a lot of decision making and smart thinking. It is through such decisions that they are able to steer companies into success and profitability.

According to Dr. James Doty, a Stanford University School of Medicine Neurosurgeon, meditation has the capacity to cultivate emotional intelligence. This often happens when one is able to make rational decisions even when they are facing pressure from all directions. When the levels of stress are on the rise and people are emotional, a collected persona can help manage situations and lead others to do the right thing. This is what mediation teaches.

Not sure what you would gain from attending a yoga class? These are just a few examples that can help boost your position as a manager.


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