How Can Essential Oils Benefit Your Yoga Practice?

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Natural health enthusiasts have been claiming that their essential oils collection has many health benefits. It can lower your stress, ease your digestion troubles, and even help wounds to heal faster. Science is now beginning to demonstrate that our bodies do readily absorb these oils and can use them in amazingly beneficial ways.

Yogis are frequently interested in these homeopathic remedies, a subtle nod to honoring the wonderful things the earth gives us naturally. However, many are now wondering just how essential oils may be used to benefit their overall yoga practice. If you’ve been wondering as well how you can incorporate essential oils into your daily yoga routine, here are a few steps that will get you started.


  • Diffusing Essential Oils Creates A Better Atmosphere 

In order to focus, or promote relaxation, having an environment that is scented specifically to make your space feel more inviting, can help you move deeper into your yoga practice. An essential oil diffuser helps you to bring the scents and properties of your favorite oils into the very air that surrounds you.

Yogis should consider what their overall needs are during the practice. A blend of citrus essential oils such as orange or grapefruit can help yogis to maintain their focus and energy. A more calming blend of lavender or cinnamon oil can make your space feel warmer and more relaxed.

An atmosphere that’s tailored specifically to your home yoga practice can encourage you to move further into your study of the asanas and yogic philosophy.


  • Applying Essential Oils Can Boost Your Energy

Do you have a difficult time making it to the very end of an intense yoga sequence? If you find yourself counting down the minutes until savasana, it may be time to apply a blend of essential oils directly to your body.

Some oils can be applied directly to the skin neatly or with the help of carrier oil to dilute them. Many different fragrances can be used to help increase your focus, including lemon, wild orange, or vetiver. Rub them on the underside of the big toe or directly onto the pulse points of the wrist for a powerful effect.

The scent of the essential oils may even cling to your workout clothing, bringing a better smell to your yoga leggings and workout shirts. You can carry this feeling with you throughout the day when you continue to wear your yoga leggings.


  • They Can Help To Sanitize Your Space 

Every once in a while, your yoga mat probably needs to be wiped down and sanitized. Many yogis may be tempted to use commercial cleaners filled with harsh ingredients. Essential oils can help you to keep your yoga mat and space clean while still offering the same aromatherapy benefits that diffusing them provides.

Mix up a bottle of cleaning vinegar or water with a few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil. These both have antimicrobial properties to kill bacteria and sanitize your mat. Spritz your yoga mat with this concoction and let sit for a few minutes. Wipe it clean with a damp rag or paper towel.

Working essential oils into a well-established yoga practice is merely a natural extension of taking your practice off of the mat. If you utilize these amazingly beneficial tools, you can deepen your workout with ease.

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