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Are you one of those people who get petrified when friends invite you over just because you’re not sure what kind of gift you should bring them? Here is my go-to list and how I normally add a personal note to them, and so, make them special for the person on the receiving end. There is moreover a certain level of content that comes with genuine happiness after receiving a gift. At least I know I’m happy when my gift is well-received. Plus, there are so many occasions when you just cannot show up at someone’s doorstep empty-handed.

1. Bringing flowers is an initial choice, but it’s also rather predicting one. Therefore, I like to take it a step further and DIY some flower pots to go with them or upcycle some old jewelry which can serve as an ornament to the flowers. Cacti look best embellished with jewelry; plus, bling makes their thorns look less threatening. So, take a couple of minutes to bedazzle the flowers with pieces of jewelry that you know your friends will wear. I’m sure that they will not only wear it, but they’ll stand out with it.

2. A practical gift to give is a gift card. Adding a personalized note to it adds character to the gift which would look rather bland without it.

I have once invited my dear friend to a lunch housewarming date to an apartment I just rented in one of the vibrant old city centers in mid-Europe. I made a tasteful soup but only to figure out that the apartment came scoopless when trying to get the soup to our plates. We used a coffee cup instead. So that following December, I received the most genius gift from her. It was a gift card to a particular store accompanied by a note saying: “Capture life with a spoonful.”

3. If you’re anything like me, you love words and their ability to express anything from the benefits of ingredients to a recipe that won’t leave you hungry to greater feelings of love, lust or happiness. Books are timeless and telling. Accompany them with a personalized bookmark for a more intimate touch. If you’re against writing notes directly into the book, a bookmark is a great way to incorporate your thoughts directly into the gift rather than adding a greeting card next to it. Make sure whoever is on the receiving end enjoys the genre you choose for them.

4. A great partner to a book is a cup of tea or coffee. I think that giving out any of the two is such a practical gift. It will leave your friends alert when they need it most. Accompany it with a mismatching tea set and a piece of silverware–metals are very much in style. Plus, having someone special in your mind when you’re drinking your cup of energy potion in the morning just might boost up his/her energy a little, too.

5. Another great way to spend time together and make memories is to be surrounded by good music. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and accompany them with tickets to a concert that you can attend together. After all, music has been a source of collective entertainment ever since mankind. It is a great way to jump or dance your hearts out. Being an anaerobic exercise, it will make you burn extra calories. I always wondered why I felt rather good after going out to dance parties in college. It is exactly because the body has been recovering from it and burning fats long after the after-party has been put to bed.

6. To top it off, you’ll both need the right outfit to go to a concert to. T-shirts are so versatile, and you could even personalize them by drawing onto them or writing something silly that bonds you together. Commemorate the date you’ve met or something significant happened to your relationship. I’m sure your friend will appreciate wearing a piece of you with them wherever they go. At the end of the day, you might be their biggest support.

A list can go on. There are as many gifts as there are friends in this world. But I’m positive that the best gift to them is you. Simply making time for them will bring a smile to their faces. A great thing to have is to share your laughter with someone who laughs out loud to the same crazy ideas that you do.

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