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Trying to be “green” and fashionable is becoming easier and easier, especially in the yoga clothing sector. Companies are realizing that people are beginning to do research about where their clothing comes from and what materials it is made of, and they are in turn creating products that are made in a more conscious way. Some companies have changed their practices to become more eco-friendly, but many of the brands mentioned in this article began right from the beginning in a sustainable manner and continue to spread that message through their products. So if you’ve been thinking about buying some new yoga clothes or a new yoga mat that won’t add more waste to the landfill’s, look no further than this list of companies that are committed to being eco-friendly while still being beautiful, functional, and fashionable.


One of my favorite eco-conscious brands is Teeki. They are known from their incredibly captivating patterns, and their unique material feels that is made of mostly recycled water bottles and other biodegradable materials. They are inspired and motivated by a desire to take care of Mother Earth and connect with our true selves through movement and nature, and their activewear reflects that.

Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga creates their yoga mats with sustainability as its highest priority and even has a program in place to plant a tree for each yoga mat sold. They create their yoga mats out of natural rubber which allows them to be both eco-friendly as well as durable. The mat’s material is great for all types of yoga as it is “grippy” enough for warmer styles, and padded enough for more gentle varieties of the practice. Their mats come in a variety of different colors with something to suit every yogi’s preferences.

Inner Fire

Inner Fire is another company using recycled water bottles to create amazing yoga activewear. The company is based out of Canada and creates pants and tanks with patterns that will make you excited to get on your mat and show them off! Their clothing is also created with women’s body in mind and is extremely flattering with a wider waistband and long lines.

Jala Clothing

Jala Clothing is a newer company on the market, but what it lacks in years of production it makes up for in the stylish design. The company is owned by a yoga teacher and studio owner and she makes sure that all her production is ethical and locally based. The company’s headquarters also practicing sustainability with practices in place for recycling, going paperless, and choosing to not have cooling or heating equipment in the office. The designs are simple but edgy, with small details that will have everyone asking where you got your yoga pants from.


Prana might be the most well-known eco-friendly yoga clothing line, and for a good reason. They were founded back in 1992 and since then they have been leaders in their industry for sustainability practices and for creating functional and beautiful clothing. They expanded their lines now to also include everyday clothing, for those times where wearing your yoga pants and sports bra everywhere isn’t acceptable.

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